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Extra-Curricular Activities

Information for Parents

Sheltoons provides fun and educational activities to your school aged children. We are constantly adapting our activities to the latest trends,
to include the children’s favourite movies, television shows and comic book characters.

Every week the children will learn different cartooning techniques by using different mediums such as: 3-D glasses, comic books, trading cards, magic cards and more. Each of our sessions offers different themes and activities, providing new and exciting projects for returning students.

Sheltoons provides all the materials required for the class, there is no need to purchase any materials. It is recommended that the
children bring their smocks or an old t-shirt to class the weeks that we are using paint.


Our ‘Lil Artist program is specially adapted for children between the ages of 4 & 6 years old. The different activities focus on developing their dexterity and fine motor skills. The projects will include, drawing, colouring, cutting and pasting different elements. The themes revolve around cartooning and are adapted to include the popular characters of the day.

Elementary School

The Sheltoons program is designed to help elementary school aged students develop their drawing skills. Through the different sessions the students will learn how to draw characters step by step, will discover how cartoons were created before computers, learn how to create movement with drawings, develop their own comic books and much more.

High School

We offer special programs to high schools that are looking to challenge their students creativity. We bring the students deeper into the cartooning world through the art of manga. The students will have the opportunity to create their own comic books through the development of their own characters, storylines
and design elements.

Information for Schools

Sheltoons can offer our activities to your students at lunchtime or after school. Our sessions can range anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks
in length and as demonstrated above we have programs adapted to all age groups.

Sheltoons offers a turnkey service. We will provide the information to send to the parents and manage the registrations.
We will provide class lists to the school and insure the proper follow ups with the administration and parents. We only require a contact person in
the school and an adequate facility to host our program such as a classroom, library or other similar facility.

For a lunch time program the students can eat with the facilitators at the beginning of the lunch period. For after school
programs the animator will work with the school to ensure all the students are either returned to the daycare or have been picked up by the parents.

Sheltoons animators are dynamic and well trained in classroom management. They also understand the sanctity of a teacher’s
classroom and are committed to leave it in the condition they found it in.

For more information or to book a session please contact us:


Sheltoons also offers activities through the following organisations that manage
extra-curricular activities and specialize in event planning!